Monday, September 6, 2010

Box office mojo

The numbers are in for the box office this weekend. The American is in first, with generally terrible Takers in second and Machete in third. I normally don't give a flying shit about the box office, but in this case, Machete's box office might cause some pundits in the media to react...amusingly. Machete's controversial content, (review pending due to life, 1 sentence quality check: It's good, go see it) for context revolves almost entirely around the immigration debate and racism.

As I've said before, box office doesn't generally mean anything to quality. Scott Pilgrim (saw it this weekend, review also pending due to life, 1 sentence quality check: It's good, go see it) was better than the Expendables or Takers, but it's yet to recoup it's cost almost a month into it's run. It's also worth pointing out that movies involving Mr. Rodriguez generally do fairly well without ever topping the box office. After all Predators never made it above 3rd place, but it made 120 million off a 40 million budget.

As I said, it's merely in the interest of seeing how the talk show circuit reacts to this news, though given that it's an action movie, they might be content to ignore it. Just a warning though, any of you go with "The American doing better" proves something due to it's name... I'll do...yeah I got nothing.

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