Friday, October 15, 2010

Based on real life sports movies to get better

So, as most intelligent people know, the real life sports movies genre hit a bit of a road block last year when The Blind Side was a box office bust, an oscar winner, and a piece of shit (not gonna defend that position, not the place).

This led to this year's Secretariat which I haven't seen and don't intend to, the trailer looks utterly bland. Thankfully The Social Network has been crushing it at the box office, which is enough to give me some hope for humanity. Anyway, I was looking forward to ignoring the "based on real life" sports movies for a fairly lengthy period, like I did after Friday Night Lights.

Then I was at Red tonight (review coming, probably early tomorrow morning) and I saw this:

The Fighter

So, two good actors, playing in an actually dramatic story, where there is conflict and some actual rising against adversity. Hey, it might be good. Hell it good be great (like we need another reason to look at Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale in the same movie).

Oh and just in time for his 70th, John Lennon has his own biopic which looks like it MIGHT be a really good music based biopic that doesn't feel like the ______ version of Ray. So, to quote a great man: Good News Everyone.

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