Sunday, October 3, 2010

An update for essentially no reason

People who stop by (and lord knows there aren't many of you) might notice that I don't have a lot updates, especially not in the form of reviews. The reason for this is simple enough: I don't go to the theater a lot. It's easier for me to wait for it to hit DVD, or use...other ways. And I only like reviewing off actual theater, hence why you've yet to see a Review of Get Low (Short version: It's great, Robert Duvall will get nominated for an oscar, he should win, see it). Well, if anyone is stopping by regularly, you're in luck, because I'm seeing no less than 3 movies this week. On tuesday I'm going to see The Social Network with a lady(not my first choice, but you know how it is), on thursday I have Evil Dead II and I'm probably treating my mother to that-Owl-movie (I'm not typing out the title).

If you're wondering why this warranted a post of it's own: It doesn't. I was just feeling guilty about the lack of content.

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