Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Green Lanterns Light

Jeez I go to sleep for 9 hours and this happens.

Green Lantern Trailer

Color me optimistic. Ryan is still well cast, everyone seems to be getting into their character, most of the important people are accounted for and the directors seems to know what you need to do to make Green Lantern work on film. Even the suit looks better in motion (at this point I'm not convinced that the magazine cover one we all hated was even finished product).

There are problems. Firstly, the non fan is not going to take away anything of who Green Lantern is and they NEED to know some basics going in. Secondly, it seems to want be both an Iron Man trailer and a Dark Knight trailer and that grates in 2 minutes (you could shift gears in the movie from funny to serious, but a trailer needs to stay the same throughout). Finally the CGI looks really unfinished in places but it's not due out till next year, so that's forgivable.

I'll have another entry about something entirely different when I've been up for a little longer.

Oh and before I go, since we're on the subject of trailers, who else has seen those trailers for Faster? Okay, so does it seem to anyone else that the title of the movie is "The Rock Shoots Everyone!" Seriously, I half expect someone to have a conversation like in that one episode of the Simpsons. "What about Marie?" "He shot EVERYONE, stupid."

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