Saturday, November 13, 2010

A little bit weirder

Every so often I get the assumption that, for the moment, the world is as weird as it can get. And then, like clockwork, the world shows up at my door and says "Fuck you, it can always get weirder," and pulls something utterly bizarre.

Occasionally the bizarre thing is worrying. Thankfully today it's not worrying just...bizarre. (Hat Tip The Escapist)

The Bizarre Thing

Yes that is a Japanese pop singer. Yes she is singing to a sold out crowd. And YES, she is a hologram. No I don't know, and I don't WANT to know. Yes the applications range from morbid (using it to recreate The Ed Sullivan Show with The Beatles comes instantly to mind) to creepy beyond belief (I'm not going into it).

Oh and Lady Gaga? You're no longer the weirdest pop singer right now. Or the most impractically dressed.

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