Saturday, November 13, 2010


People who know me will be surprised I'm posting 3 times in 2 days. Ahem. People who know me know that I like to browse trailers on youtube, because with my knowledge of films, I can generally tell a lot about a movie from it's trailer. By way of an example, I called back when I saw the first trailer for Unstoppable that it was going to end up being Airport with a train and I was right. Doesn't make it unworthy, but it does make me right, which I love.

The extension of this is when I see a trailer that makes me go "what the fuck?" I tend to end up remembering it and/or trying hard to see it. A good example of this is Black Swan because it LOOKS like a mashup of Bound, The Company and The Fly and the fact that someone had the balls to TRY that has me interested.

So it's with a fair amount of interest that I stumbled upon this trailer this afternoon.

Troll Hunters

It LOOKS like someone came to a director and said "Make me Cloverfield, but with Norwegian troll mythology" (that 2 headed troll at the end is an actual troll from Norwegian myth, and I think the Christian Blood thing is too). And that premise looks like enough to get me to see it, if only because that premise sounds fascinating.

You know what I like about this trailer? How at first it looks like they're gonna conceal the monsters behind shitty night-filters and quick shots and then suddenly BAM, there it is on screen for a solid 4 seconds, and repeatedly after that?

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