Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Logic of Twilight

Amidst my continued attempts to finish New Moon (yes it is still forthcoming, I had finals this month and it's hard to motivate myself) I had a thought which I wanted to make sure I didn't lose somewhere in the 400 pages of idiotic dialogue, so I thought I'd throw it up here to help collect it.

Part of what makes Twilight interesting to examine, at least intellectually, is because it's essentially a female version of the mindset that creates Power Girl, IE the logic-less hypersexualized objectified mindset, except the thing being hypersexualized and objectified in this case is a man. For example take the Werewolves (term used lightly) from Twilight, who wander around shirtless because the transformation rips up their clothes, but not skintight sweatpants (insert reference to Animorphs here).

Now that's idiotic pretzel logic and we all know it: After all the transformation creates several hundred pounds of fur and muscle, why couldn't it send the clothes to, I don't know, mallet space. But, back up out of your...gender I guess for a moment, and consider it from a neutral perspective: Is that really any dumber than the idiotic logic we come up with for why the women in fantasy stories wear chainmail bikinis?

Now there's an interesting essay in there, and I'll probably expound more on that concept at a later but that idea led me to realizing what kind of logic is at play in Twilight: Porn Logic.

Think about it for a moment: All the guys in the school instantly fall in love with her, Edward and Jacob are instantly in love with her and she loves them both, Alice wants to be around her all the time, whatsername (the blond chick) doesn't like her but is still around her all the time, both the main villains want to kill her at the exclusion of EVERYTHING else. A little rewrite (basically, add "and they fuck" to every interaction) and that could be a softcore porno running at cinemax at 1 AM.

This adds into my theory that Twilight plays to the same part of the female brain that porn taps into in the male brain. If there are any females out there who are familiar with Twilight and have their own thoughts, I'd love to hear them. I'm planning on writing an essay about this concept (both the porn one and the objectification one) once I'm finished with the books.

Meanwhile, I'm going to keep the idea of porn logic in my brain while reading New Moon, see if it makes it any less dreary (I doubt it).

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  1. I wouldn't say that it's the same as porn for females... its more of the feeling of what some or most girls want. Some girls want bad boys (Edward and/or Jacob) because then they want to change them. They just want the risk and stuff. It helps if two guys are fighting over you, also.

    That's all. It isn't sexual, really.
    (and yes, I read it.)