Monday, December 13, 2010

Stranger Tides indeed

Pirates 4 trailer

Put my down as cautiously sold. First off it's a very good trailer, very fun and all that. Secondly it looks like it's kept enough of the spirit that made Pirates 1-3 without feeling too devoted to the formula.

If nothing else it looks better than OTHER 4th entries to well regarded series (Terminator, Alien, Star Wars, do I need to go on?)

It's not perfect by any means. It FEELS a bit too much like a cash grab sequel (IE, let's throw everything we have at you and see what sticks), Geoffrey Rush doesn't appear to be in it much or giving it his usual fervor and Penelope Cruz is a poor replacement for Keira Knightley, despite the fact that they seem to be playing essentially the same person with different backstories.

But still, the first 3 were what we'd describe as 'improbably good' so maybe this one will be alright? Now please, PLEASE let Tron Legacy be good.

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