Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Update and Coraline

So I missed out on seeing The King's Speech today for reasons that are uninteresting and I won't have a chance to see it until the 1st, so I'll be posting my top 10 films of the year tomorrow morning or so.

However, while I rarely talk about movies I saw on DVD, but I finally managed to track down a copy of Coraline, and if you haven't seen it (which judging by how hard it was to find and it's box office take isn't a lot of people...yowza), you really should. Not just cuz I love Neil Gaiman, though I do (seriously American Gods is probably the best novel written in my lifetime and The Sandman is the best graphic novel ever written, both in my opinion), but because it's the first real attempt at making a legit horror film for kids. Yes even moreso than the still rightfully lauded Nightmare Before Christmas

That's a recommendation, because it's a fantastically unique and visionary film. I'm not doing a full review, but I will say that Neil Gaiman's writing style, story techniqes, personal ticks and subject matter have made for, shall we say, difficult adaptations. Mirrormask was visually rich and full of unique and interesting ideas but the story was not, shall we say, up to snuff, whereas Stardust sliced off most of Gaiman's style to create a fun, but inconsequential fantasy action movie. Never managed to track down Neverwhere though. (Beowulf doesn't count since he actually wrote the thing).

Coraline however, keeps it's creator's styles and ticks more than any other film based on Gaiman's work and it works and holds together as a movie. I'm not doing a full review, but it's a fabulously unique and inventive film, so if you haven't tried it, give it a shot.

Trivia: What is the first movie Gaiman worked on? Answer, Princess Mononoke (IE, my favorite animated movie of all time). He worked on the English script adaptation. Don't say I never taught you anything.

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