Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And the irritation

This post is not going to win me a lot of friends and it's not designed to. If you wish to spam my comment box with hate, please don't bother. If you have constructive criticism, feel free.

One of the reasons I don't like geek culture is because, at it's roots, it is a culture of whiners. Nothing is ever good enough, if it's getting better it's not getting better fast enough and even if it's perfect we can find something to whine or bitch about. Lord of the Rings, comes out, perfect film translation of it's legendary source material, best film of the year 3 years running, wins 11 oscars, breaks the fucking bank at the box office. So what do we do? We either bitch about Bombadil not being in it or we bitch back and forth about it vs. Star Wars.

This, by extension, is why I dread the Oscars approaching. See the Oscars, for various reason that I won't go into, do not favor the geek side of film, instead going for the Art side of cinema. This has created this massive divide between the art house side of film and the geek side of film, which is making us both poorer, making the douche middle of cinema richer and overall not helping anyone.

What's now starting to be odd is the Oscars and by extension the Art side of cinema, is starting to be more welcoming of the geek side of cinema. Some of this HAS to do with the incredible quality of some of the geek movies of late (Lord of the Rings, Pan's Labyrinth and District 9 for examples) but overall they've been getting nicer. This is creating the increasingly odd situation in which the geeks are starting to look more and more, in my eyes, like the problem (I had a conversation with a self proclaimed geek, who claimed that famous art film,  Fargo was 'boring' and had we been talking in a slightly less formal setting I would have slapped him). Don't get me wrong, the art side of cinema is still causing it's share of problems but overall it's been a lot more willing to let geek movies be considered good than the geek side is willing to let art movies be considered good.

This came to a head last year when, rather than celebrating the best film of the year's appearance on the nominated list (District 9) despite being a complete geek movie, many of the people I talked to were whining about Watchmen being shut out (despite it being a fantastic adaptation is did not stand alone as a movie, I'm sorry).

And it's happening again this year. Rather than celebrating some of the great movies atop the best picture nominees, all I hear is bitching about how Scott Pilgrim got shut out generally, Tron Legacy got shut out of the technical awards and how Inception didn't get a best director nod, with simultaneous bitching about how many awards The King's Speech is up for.

Geeks, as one of you, please listen to me: THIS. IS. OLD. Especially given how much the Academy awards have changed over the last 10 years, your insistence that you're 'shut out' and your mocking of the Oscar movie type is starting to look like simple bitching. Look at all these nominees and winners from the last 10 years: Gladiator, Crouching Tiger, Lord of the Rings, Gangs of New York, Million Dollar Baby, Munich, The Departed,  No Country for Old Men, Benjamin Button, District 9, Inglorious Basterds. How do those line up with your 'Oscar' movie type?

And to the art house side (which I'm also technically part of): Stop giving them things. Half the problem with geek culture is it is the culture of the adult children, forever trapped in the 80's, unable to view the things they grew up with objectively. Stop giving them things and make them fucking work for the next concession. You gave up 10 nominees, a move specifically designed for the geek side of cinema and they barely mouthed 'Thank you' in between bitching.

So yes, I've just made a shitload of geeks mad at me. If you have a differing opinion, please voice it. If your opinion includes theories about my sexuality, appearance, intelligence or race, please be aware that no one is forcing you to read this blog. Also I hate you.

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