Thursday, January 13, 2011

Missed Movies number 1

Part of the problem with only reviewing films I see in theaters is that I don't get to draw attention to some films that I saw on DVD and that don't make it onto my top 10. So with that in mind, I figured I'd try a thing wherein I give a quick couple of sentences on a movie I didn't see in theaters to draw your attention to or away from it. So with that in mind, here are 2 movies I saw in 2010 that were really good but, for one reason or another, didn't get onto my top 10.

Splice is a film that, by all rights, probably deserved a spot on my top 10, but what can I say? It kept getting pushed down and down until it fell right off. It was admittedly an intensely unique Sci-fi horror, a genre which has been strangely lacking for...well a long while now (guys, trust me I know The Thing is a hard standard to live up to, but seriously, you're just not trying anymore).

Boosted by a significant lack of junk in it's junk science and some great special effects (to say nothing of performances) Splice doesn't hold together as well as some films this year but it's filled with big ideas and vision, which is more than I can say for most horror films. Unfortunately it gets overshadowed by our second movie...

If you've heard of this movie, congrats, you're well connected to the international movie scene. If not, don't worry it's...more than a little obscure. What with none of the Girl movies as Sweden's nominee for Best Foreign Film (Are you fucking kidding me Sweden? You had The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and you didn't fucking nominate it? The fuck is Simple Simon?) it's a heavy favorite for being in the 5 nominees simply because it has some press, even if it's going to have trouble making it to the finish line because it's well outside the Academy's comfort zone (for more information on fantastic foreign films that failed to win due to this, go watch Pan's Labyrinth. Or go watch it anyway, because it's incredible.)

So what kept it off my top 10 list if it's so good? Well the same thing that keeps it welllllll outside the Academy's comfort zone: It's ROYALLY fucked up. Oh don't get me wrong. It's easily one of the boldest most unique films of the year and the writing and technical skill on display are without question. But I'm still not certain how I feel about it. It's exceptionally twisted in ways a lot of people aren't gonna see coming and I can think of at least a couple kinds of people it would scar for life.

Again, it's a good film, and if you think you can stomach it it's worth seeing. But I couldn't throw it on the list because I have to nail down my feelings for it first. As I said, it's actually got some buzz in America so it's got a solid chance of getting up the to starting gate. Of course, you have to have seen all the movies in a category to vote on it, which is probably gonna wreck it's chances right there.

Anywho, the Oscar noms are due tomorrow and the lists themselves are out on the 25th I think. Assuming Dead Space 2 lets me go for more than a few hours (or classes let up for a little bit) I'll try to throw down a commentary and prediction. 

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