Monday, January 10, 2011

Shameless Cross Promotion

Regular visitors to my site may occasionally wonder why I chose the movies I do for Second Age Reviews (a question that's going to get asked repeatedly over the coming couple of months) so I figured I'd take the opportunity to answer it; I don't.

The movies that I review at Second Age Reviews are the movies shown at Cult Classics at the Avon Theater in Stamford, Connecticut. I attend every 2 weeks (or every week during the summer) with a close friend. So you're now wondering why I'm telling you this?

Well, mostly to say, if you live within reasonable distance of Stamford, you should really stop by sometime. And notably, unlike the place where I saw Rebel Without a Cause, they don't just pop a DVD in and hook it up to the projector. No, every film I've ever seen at the Avon was shown in it's original 30 Millimeter prints, which admittedly limits what they can show, but who gives a shit? I'll be linking to it at the bottom of the page, so if you're in the area stop on by. You might get to meet me, Elessar.

Of course I won't identify myself. Or respond to that name. And if you try to guess who I am by shouting I'll probably run away. But then, is anyone here really a fan enough to want to meet me? Probably not. Anywho.

The Avon

Despite me, you should really come.

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