Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Waste of time

So with no reviews to do till thursday, my Oscar article taking longer than expected (not on the nominees, that's later when they're announced) and me desperately trying to find a way to make checking this blog worth my readers time, I figured this would be an interesting enough couple of paragraphs.

So anyone who follows the news will be aware that the new Republicans have been making loud noises about repealing the Health Care bill. I'm going to leave aside the fact that I think it should stay and that I have yet to hear the Republicans plan to fix all this shit and merely comment on that fact.

Now I'm not a political expert. I follow politics loosely, have a subscription the NY Times, watch the Daily Show, etc. But I seem to recall hearing that you need 2/3rds majority to repeal something like that. Now they should be allowed to try, they're the elected officials and that's fine. But what's bothering me is this:

See, if they DO need the 2/3rds majority, then they do NOT have the votes in the House, I think (I haven't checked the numbers). Doesn't matter, they don't even have the majority in the senate. Even if they had a small majority in the senate or could strongarm a few Democratic votes, they won't have a veto proof majority and odds are Obama will veto it the second it hits his desk.

On some intellectual level they have to be aware of this, if only mentally. This represents something ugly to me. Because if they haven't all denied reality so hard they are capable of ignoring all these facts (don't rule it out) then they HAVE to know that they are wasting everyone's time. The medias, the House, the Senate's, Obama's, just to score some cheap political points.

Does that bother anyone else?

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  1. Not so much because apparently a lot of senators will say things to appeal to their constituents and just rely on the system to shoot down what they themselves know they can't do. It's bad but not as bad as the complete idiocy described here~