Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some notes

Since I've been getting a solid number of people reading my stuff (yes I read my traffic figures, feel free to mock me), as a thank you I'm working on a big something in the vein of my Twilight review (which are cancelled by the by, I can't do New Moon).

Incidentally, having seen Salt, on DVD, I can say with certainty that no one NEEDS to see it. It's relying too much on Miss Jolie, it's way too similar to some other things (notably the Bourne movie) and it amounts to too little to be anything incredible. But I can also say with certainty that there's no good reason NOT to see it. It's competent and enjoyable and much better than a lot of action movies from the last couple years (Clash of the Titans, Knight and Day, Battle: LA and Sucker Punch are all inferior to it). Don't rush right out to see, especially if you're still missing some Oscar nominees (No one, and I mean no one, but serious film people have seen Winter's Bone and they need to, and I know a few of you still haven't seen Black Swan) but it's enjoyable even if it's not going to enthrall anyone.

Oh and I'm hoping to see Source Code this Tuesday and Trust this weekend, assuming I can find a theater playing the latter and assuming I can tear myself away from my X-Files box set long enough to see the former. Incidentally, watching through the X-Files (or as much as I've gotten so far, there are a lot of them) has convinced me more than ever that The X-Files are something that just cannot replicated. Too many stars had to align to make it as good as it was, from the script writing team being a gift from god, to Duchovny and Anderson having so much chemistry, to Fox not canceling after one season (Bitter? About Firefly and Caprica? Not me.) It's like The Beatles or Star Wars. So many things had to come together to make it as good as it was, that nothing that tries to imitate it will be nearly as good.

And I'd honestly forgotten how good it was. Seriously.

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