Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bin Laden Dead Part 2

Hm? Oh yes, this thing. Sorry, finals coming up, you know how it is.

Overall, bin Laden's death doesn't mean a whole lot tactically. Al Qaeda will still be out there and it's not the sort of organization to be crippled by the death of a single leader. On an emotional level, it's big. There can and will be other developments that mean more, but none that are so viscerally pleasing to American's sense of revenge.

Of course the backlash is bond to happen. You know the backlash I mean, that really annoying aspect to American culture right now where Obama literally cannot do anything without certain conservatives (not all, I want to stress) finding something in it to trash him about. That'll happen, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

The primary thing I've been hearing is that this is 'Conveniently timed' or some shit, IE, that we've had him or his body for a while and he's releasing the news now because...I dunno. While interrupting the Apprentice might seem like that, I don't buy it. Sure jacking some of Trump's thunder was probably nice, but Trump was never really a threat. If the White House Press Dinner last weekend proved anything, it's that nobody likes Trump.

As for convenient in some other way, I'm not feeling it. Don't get me wrong, I'll believe next to anything about the government, but I can't see how this is beneficial. Releasing it earlier might have helped with the budget fight and as for the general election? Shit, I wish people had memories of 18 months, lately it seems like we can't get them to remember things that happened 18 minutes ago.

Still, this is unarguably a good thing. Huge moral boost both for America as a country and our military. And it gives newscasters something to talk about other than the fucking Royal wedding.

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