Thursday, May 26, 2011

It can finally be told

Alright, I've stalled on you long enough, so here is the big news I've been hinting at for a while:

Starting sometime after Memorial Day (not sure of exact date, but soon) I will be heading off down to New Orleans to work on a movie set, at least until I die of heat stroke.

No, not an independent production with a bunch of friends making an amateur movie (I will have enough chance to do that once I actually scrape together enough money to make my own). A professional set, with real actors and such. From what the man who hired me told me, David Duchovny is supposedly going to be there, and Ben Affleck was in talks (which, if everything from Good Will Hunting and Dogma to Gigli and Surviving Christmas are any indication, I have NO IDEA how good the movie will be). And I will be paid, so don't ask.

So what does this mean for you, my readers, aside from the obvious that reviews will become...well let's say rarer for a while. Well, so long as I get permission from...well whoever would give me permission, I will be attempting to live blog it, IE write down or record my thoughts on set and put them, as unedited as is humanly possible (see: heavily edited) for you to enjoy. Try to give an inside look at what day-by-day stuff on Set is like.

More information on when I leave and whether I can blog it as I get it. The reason I'm telling you this is, because tonight is the last Cult Classic I KNOW I'll be here for and I have no idea when I'll be back. So when I tell you tomorrow that I have no idea what my next Second Age Review will be, I want you to know why.

Alright that's it, see you all tomorrow for my next Second Age Review.

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