Saturday, June 4, 2011

A few good thoughts

Okay so they might not be GOOD thoughts but I like the reference. Anywho.

There's a trailer for the American remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo up on the webs. Go track it down yourself, I'm not going to bother linking for the moment. The trailer tells us next to nothing, other than Hollywood still has no idea how to market movies like this and that the guy in charge of picking out the tagline needs to be fired (The feel bad movie of Christmas? Are you fucking kidding me?) Oh and it's focuses too much on Daniel Craig, but then he's the name star in the supporting role opposite the unknown female lead (see: True Grit) so he's probably gonna grab most of the press.

I'm seeing the new X-Men tomorrow, and the 2 reviews I've read/seen about it are both positive (albeit at VASTLY different levels) so I'm going in upbeat. X3 sucked sure, and I'd just like to erase Wolverine from existence, but the first one was good and X2 is still one of my favorite comic book movies of all time. So here's hoping.

Incidentally, I noticed something odd about my schedule: I am planning to see Transformers 3 but not Cars 2. This is partially because my desire to see Transformers is motivated by morbid curiosity and also because I could not give less of a shit about Cars. Even though it's the one Pixar movie that even Pixar fans can't defend (and these are people so skilled in self denial that they can tell me that Toy Story 3 deserved to get best Animated over The Illusionist and YES I'm still sore about that) but it just sort of looks...not very good, as opposed to terrible, which makes it the worst kind of movie to review. It doesn't look anti-good like The Condenmed, not hilariously bad like The Room, not completely incompetent like...well The Room again. Hell it doesn't even look aggressively stupid like Transformers 2. It just doesn't look good in any way. And while I can gush breathlessly about great movies, or snarl angrily about terrible ones, ones that only 'not good' or 'not bad' are boring to review.

And now I look forward to all the Pixar fanboy hatemail. Anywho, see you tomorrow.

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