Thursday, July 7, 2011

A few thoughts

I have not, nor will I probably ever see Transformers 3. The first one was acceptable enough, but fairly forgettable. The second was bad enough to muscle it's way, however briefly, onto my top 5 worst movies of all time. With pattern recognition, the 3rd one should be bad enough to cause me to try to end my life, so I think I'll avoid it (the same pattern, going the opposite way, is why I'm excited for Uncharted 3 by the by). I bring this up because Roger Ebert has a fairly interesting article on how the Transformers are extraordinarily boring as aliens. It's an interesting read, so if you're so inclined give it a read.

I realized I haven't done a Missed Movies in a while and the reason for that can generally be summed up as 'can't be assed.' Still, if my hits count are any indication then you guys seem to like them, so I'll try to whip up another before I leave.

Oh speaking of leaving, it seems that I'm leaving for N'Orleans around the 15th or so. More on that as it develops.

And finally, I will be attending Connecticon this year, as last year. I will be appearing as Jason Vorhees because I'm a lazy bitch when it comes to cosplaying, and my friend will be attending as Indiana Jones, as he did last year. Look for me so I can prove to myself that all my hits aren't just me having a Tyler Durden moment.

EDIT: Turns out I won't be in Costume after all, cuz the place I wanted to grab my mask closed earlier than expected and I don't feel like suffocating in a burlap sack. So...I'll just be me I guess.

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