Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recommended Reading

Holy crap, has it really been 17 days since I last updated this? I'm so sorry guys, I began classes at NYFA on the 13th and it's something of an exhausting schedule. I'm gonna try to make it up to you over this weekend: I'm seeing Being Elmo on friday and I'm gonna try to squeeze The Rum Diary into my weekend somewhere, plus I'm hoping to pick up a copy of The People vs. George Lucas sometime this week and that might merit a mention/review, plus I want to see Anonymous and Martha Macy May Marlene and In Time and The Skin I Live In and Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together and DAMN the year end art film deluge.

Anyway, the reason I'm here isn't entirely to apologize for being a lazy bum. I mean, that's there, but it's not ALL of it. I'm here to recommend a book which I just finished reading and I thought some of you out there would find interesting: John Dies At The End. It's a profoundly strange book that reads little like Douglas Adams knocked up HP Lovecraft and the result was raised by Tim Burton. I'm not going to describe the plot, not least because fully understanding the plot will take at least one more reading. But if you're looking for that rare thing that manages to mix horror and humor without damaging either than John Dies At The End is for you. And hey, they're making a movie with the guy who did Bubba Ho-Tep directing, so maybe it'll be good.

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