Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who Makes Short Films

So, funny story. I'm currently taking a semester off the NY Film Academy (reasons are...complicated) but I did finish other short films while I was still attending. Anyway, this is one of them, that I TECHNICALLY completed in November, but one of my neuroses prevented me from uploading it to youtube. What neurosis is this, I hear you ask?

I. Hate. ANYTHING! I've created. I have a novel, a completed novel, sitting on my computer right now, and every time I try to read through it long enough to submit it to a publisher or a literary agent I nearly get physically ill. Right now I am completely convinced it makes Twilight look like American Gods, so I'm having difficulty doing anything with it. 3 years I work on this thing and now it might sit on my hard drive for all eternity. Oy.

But I am attempting to work past this. So, I've uploaded this short film. I'm sure you'll be unsurprised to learn that I'm not happy with it it is, for better or worse. Give it a look so you can tell me it's awful:


(And yes that's my real name in the end credits, so I'm sure I can be tracked down and murdered now).

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