Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Shit Needs To Stop

Okay, so I usually don't do politics on this blog, because this is a film blog first and foremost. But hey, this relates to film. I'm still gonna drop it behind a cut, so if you don't want to read it, don't.

So, you might remember back from my 'Looking forward' bit, that I was looking forward to a movie called Kill Bin Laden (title changed to Zero Dark Thirty for some reason) about the hunt to find and kill Osama Bin Laden. It was technically conceived and greenlit before the universe decided to write it a happy ending.

Now I am looking rather intently forward to this film. Katherine Bigelow is a damned fine director who has worked her ass off to finally get where she is. But since the inevitable result of this movie is that Obama ends up looking good, Republicans threw a fit and the release date was moved from October to December. Fine, it'll probably get ripped to pieces at the box office by The Hobbit, but hey, I'll still see it. Problem solved right?

Except they're STILL bitching about it over at Breitbart's former site, Big Hollywood. The article in question is this one, but I warn you, it's not an easy read. To wit, actual quote from the article:

"Throughout the entire Bush administration, even as Hollywood was producing over a dozen box-office bombs to aid and abet and encourage al Queda..."

Yeah. Fuck you Mr. Writer Man (I'm sure his name is at the top of the article, but I don't give a shit, I'm ranting). No, I don't care what the rest of the fucking sentence reads, nothing can excuse the first half of that sentence. Anyway, moving on...

No,  I'm not moving on. The fuck is that? THEY FUCK IS THAT!? Movies to 'aid and abet and encourage al Queda'? Where the fuck do you get off you absolute asshole? Because a movie doesn't agree with the Iraq war, it's aiding and abetting al Queda? You shithead, how about we accuse 2016: Obama's America of aiding and abetting China or whoever you're scared of these days? UGH!

Anyway, I'm not going to ask you to read the entire article, so I'm just gonna throw the money quote at you:

"This bin Laden film needs to scrapped. It is now tainted in every imaginable way -- artistically and as it relates to our national security. And if it's not scrapped, we can only hope that the blowback forever taints those involved." 

They are now claiming that this film, because it dares to accept help from the Government (unlike oh say, Act of Valor from earlier this year, which they were droooooooling all over) is now tainted and must be destroyed. Or, if it's not destroyed, it must destroy the career of everyone involved.

To use a phrase I like: THIS SHIT WILL NOT FLY! If Bin Laden had been killed under Bush in 2003 and this exact movie had been getting made, they would be clapping with glee. So, this blog post is to put that exact sentence out: This shit will not fly. They were planning this movie before Bin Laden bit it, and they moved it back to avoid getting involved in the election, so it's can't even be accused of being a propaganda movie anymore.

So, this blog post is devoted to shining yet another spotlight on this bullshit, in the hopes of more people getting angry about it. And the fact that my iTunes has started playing Alestorm's cover of You Are A Pirate as I finish this post makes it all worth it.

Incidentally, Moviebob has a good post about this, which is what inspired me to write this. Take a look.

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