Friday, July 6, 2012

The Con and More Shameless Plugs

*spends a few moments humming Tegan and Sara before beginning*

Anywho, this post is designed to do two things. The first and vastly less important one, is to inform all 5 of you that I'm going to be at Conneticon this year. My Cosplay is Patrick Bateman of American Psycho fame, which means Suit, Raincoat, Axe, Fore (by Huey Lewis and the News) and Briefcase. I was going to also bring a fake rat, but then I realized eventually I'd come across someone who'd only seen the movie and I'd have to explain the significance of the rat. And that's just plain a conversation I'm not willing to have (for those of you who don't know but want to find out: You don't want to know But if you MUST know, Google it, and don't blame me). I know, you don't care, but it's mostly cuz it leads into my next point.

The much, much, much more important purpose of this post is to direct you to a blog entitled Heckling From The Third Row. It's run by one of the guys I'm attending Conneticon with, and it's several different forms of awesome. You should definitely give it a look, especially since I'm probably not going to have much content until I see Beasts of the Southern Wild on the 16th or 17th (and for your information, no I'm not planning on seeing Spider-Man).

Anyway, that's it. Ta.

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