Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review: My Big Break

So from now on, only a handful of things will be posted to this site. As of right now I'm blogging with, who are in need of writers and have offered to have me write for them. So, the first thing up is my review of the comic My Big Break, a comic about Phillip Haldiman's experience being in The Room.

I gotta be me.

Hi, my name is Elessar of the blog Arenor Productions. You might remember me from the inaugural episode of Silverwolf Speaks. I am here to…guest review I guess, a very strange indie comic for all of you. But first a bit about me: 

[Editor’s Note] This section was about 2-3 pages long and consisted mainly of increasingly unlikely, self-aggrandizing stories. We decided, to save space, to delete this section and just skip straight to the actual review.

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