Saturday, December 14, 2013

Review: Nebraska

My review of Nebraska has...actually been up on Moar Powah for a while now, I just forgot it. Anyway, here it is:

Alexander Payne is a bit of an odd director. I’ve likened him in the past to the Coen Brothers, although he’s not quite as good as them since no one is as good as them. Like them, his movies are quintessentially American even in an age of increased globalization; he has a talent for writing characters who are awful people but still sympathetic and he manages to handle swerves between pathos and dark comedy that would wreck most movies. One of the main differences however (aside from the Coens occasional dips into weirdness for weirdness’ sake) is that Payne’s movies tend to be smaller and less intense, which can turn off people used to more gripping movies. Still he’s an incredibly talented writer and director and while Nebraska isn’t quite his best work, it’s still one of the most oddly engaging movies of the year.

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